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A Superior Gift Idea, Decorative, Anyplace, Anywhere

How it Works

1. Loading

1 Open the drawer.
Slide back the tab marked " Max 40 Photos"

2 Do not forcibly remove the pre-loaded SwissMagic Card that remains in the window
3 Insert up to 40 photos and release tab.
Close and re-open the drawer. Save the SwissMagic Card
4 To view photos. pull the drawer all the way out and slide it back in smoothly

2. Turn and Click Easel

* To display photos, fold out the easel (where it is marked "open") turn it either horizontally or vertically and " click" it into place.

3. Unloading

1 Open the drawer and slide back tab. Remove all photos from the open drawer.
Never try to forcibly remove the photo that remains in the window.
This photo will automatically come out when you insert a new stack of photos or the SwissMagic Card. Close and re-open the drawer.

4. Helpful Hint

* If a photo doesn't advance, remove picture from the bottom of the stack in the drawer, turn it around and re-insert. If it still doesn't advance, remove this photo from the unit.

5. Check Photo Size

1 You must check print size before loading photos.
2 If photo edges are within the marked area (anywhere between lines A & B on both sides) photos will fit.
Photos that are larger or smaller than the maked area will not fit.


Made in Switzerland